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UO Renaissance All In One Launcher w/ Classic Client Support

This package will update essential windows components and then install the new UO Renaissance Launcher!
Once the install completes simply run the launcher from the icon on your desktop.
The launcher will install and keep the following applications up to date each time you connect!
- Origin 5.x UO Client
- Open Source Classic UO Client
- Razor Renaissance Edition - by Quick
- UO Auto Map
Works on Windows 7SP1, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Just install, update and play! Pick whichever client you like the best!
Updated 11/28/19 - Version - Launcher Support

UO Renaissance Windows Client Package (325MB)

This package includes the UO Client, Razor and UO Auto Map
Everything is pre configured for accessing the UO:Renaissance server
Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10
Just install and play!
Updated 8/23/13

Client Patch - Manual Update

This package includes the record update for the UO Renaissance client.
Download and unzip this package into your UO client folder.
Make sure to close any open clients, and verify you see the patch 3 notation after updating.
Updated 2/23/20

Razor Cutting Edge UO Assistant

Razor provides a gaming experience simliar to UO Assist circa 1999-2000.
It is the only approved 3rd party application for use on UO Renaissance.
Razor is installed as part of the full client package above.

Updated Razor Guard Definitions (Save in your razor folder, updated 10/20/17)

Troubleshooting UO Client & Razor Problems on Windows

This article will provide a variety of tips for properly configuring the UO:Renaissance software on your windows computer. Slow performance, flashing, client crashes can be resolved with simple configuration tweaks.

UO Renaissance Mac OS Client Package (1100MB) : Updated June/2016

This package includes the UO Client, Razor and UO Auto Map.
Everything is pre configured to run on Mac OSX with minimal to no configuration.
Updated to support the latest MacOS release! (Version 11, El Capitan)
Note: This installer is not supported on MacOS Catalina. For assistance with Catalina speak to the Renaissance Staff.
Previous Version (2014/2015)

Mac OS Client Information & Tips

This article will provide information and tips for using the Mac OS UO Renaissance client package.

Installation Tips & Help

Step by Step guide to installing Ultima Online and accessing the Renaissance server.

Client Errors, Crashes, Razor Problems?

Detailed guide on troubleshooting razor and client issues.

Connection Issues, Latency, Disconnections

In depth guide covering configuration tips, troubleshooting, connection debugging.

Playing UO:Renaissance on a Mac/Linux System

Detailed guide by Torindel for configuring Wine for UOR

Installing UO:R and Razor on Mac OS X

Detailed guide by SIRSLY for installing UOR on Max OS X.

UO:R on Ubuntu 12

Detailed guide by pdodd for installing UOR on Ubuntu.

Notepadd++ v6.5.3

Great program for editing razor macros.

UO Fiddler 4.6

Allows you to explore the various parts of the UO Client. For more info click here

UO Auto Map Utility (UOAM) with Multi Client Support

For additional information about the UOAM Multi client click here

UO Rudder by Xena Dragon

For additional information on the UO Rudder Program click here

Treasure Hunters of Britannia - Offline Treasure Map Utility

Interactive map of all treasure map locations