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Men in Drag(ons) [MiD] "No charter has been specified."

- Guild Members -
Name Full Name Guild Title
Annie Reilly The Illustrious Annie Reilly, Grandmaster Merchant No
Arya Drottningu The Glorious Arya Drottningu, Grandmaster Shade No
Athena The Great Athena No
Austin Powers The Kind Austin Powers YEAH BABY YEAH! [MiD] No
Bad Elf The Dread Bad Elf: Spite of Evil Yes
Balir The Scoundrel Balir No
Barliman The Scoundrel Barliman Pirate Smasher [MiD] No
Bikr The Honest Bikr No
Bloodclot The Vile Bloodclot No
Caleb The Glorious Caleb, Grandmaster Demoralizer No
Cleopatra The Dread Lady Cleopatra: Opponent of Evil No
Clot The Villainous Clot, Grandmaster Rouser No
Croc Hunter The Dread Croc Hunter: Opponent of Evil Yes
Cyrus Darkheart The Glorious Cyrus Darkheart Ostarded One [MiD] No
Dacek The Famed Dacek Wrong Egyptian [MiD] No
Deathboy The Dread Deathboy: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist All Kill!! [MiD] No
Deathboy The Rude Deathboy All Kill! [MiD] No
Deathboy The Outcast Deathboy: Venom of Evil All Kill!! [MiD] No
Deathboy The Dread Deathboy: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist All Kill!! [MiD] No
Destiny The Trustworthy Destiny No
Destiny The Great Destiny: Spite of Evil No
Dr Jeckle The Honorable Dr Jeckle Strange M.D. [MiD] No
Duke Silver The Evil Duke Silver The Musician [MiD] No
Emerson The Unsavory Emerson No
FattyMike The Honest FattyMike No
FattyMikes The Vile FattyMikes: Opponent of Evil No
FattyMyke The Trustworthy FattyMyke No
Fluorescent The Notorious Fluorescent Illuminated [MiD] No
Galactus The Sinister Galactus No
Ghostly The Scoundrel Ghostly Hallows Eve [MiD] No
Harlow The Vile Harlow No
Hestia The Glorious Lady Hestia, Grandmaster Scholar No
Hyperion The Glorious Hyperion, Grandmaster Lumberjack No
Ima Creep The Illustrious Ima Creep, Grandmaster Tamer No
Inferno The Dread Lord Inferno: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Rouser SammyB [MiD] No
Isobel Darkheart The Glorious Lady Isobel Darkheart: Spite of Evil No
Joe Black The Estimable Joe Black No
Kaidance The Dark Lady Kaidance No
Khaleesi The Vile Khaleesi Dragon Queen [MiD] No
Lenny Pepperbotm The Glorious Lenny Pepperbotm: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer How neat is that! [MiD] No
Lester Limput The Glorious Lester Limput: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist The Lempest [MiD] No
Lothar The Glorious Lothar, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Mike Jagger The Glorious Mike Jagger, Grandmaster Bard The Jaggster [MiD] No
Miss Ann Thrope The Famed Miss Ann Thrope Mistress of Mares [MiD] Yes
Mourne Darkheart The Evil Lady Mourne Darkheart: Spite of Evil No
Mr Hyde The Wicked Mr Hyde Mr Mysterious [MiD] No
Nergal The Scoundrel Nergal No
Oz The Honest Oz Lute Captain [MiD] No
Pantherbabe The Glorious Lady Pantherbabe: Hunter of Evil, Grandmaster Veterinarian Grrrr [MiD] Yes
Persephone The Glorious Persephone, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Persius The Vile Persius PwN StaR [MiD] No
Pie Eyed Piper The Dastardly Pie Eyed Piper Durban Posion [MiD] No
Plentimon The Dread Plentimon: Hunter of Evil The Zookeeper [MiD] Yes
RainZ The Malicious RainZ No
Rakeyn Rakeyn No
Rand Swanson The Evil Rand Swanson, Grandmaster Veterinarian The Patriot [MiD] No
Realia Darkheart The Prominent Realia Darkheart No
Redemption The Despicable Redemption No
Riddixx The Great Riddixx No
Roxie Hart The Unsavory Roxie Hart No
Sabrina The Evil Sabrina Emotional Damage [MiD] No
Samael Darkheart The Glorious Lord Samael Darkheart: Spite of Evil No
Silas Darkheart The Glorious Lord Silas Darkheart: Spite of Evil, Grandmaster Naturalist No
Tanis The Honorable Tanis Green Machine [MiD] No
Tas Burfoot The Malicious Tas Burfoot Kiss my Tas! [MiD] No
the Predator The Despicable the Predator No
Theo The Evil Theo: Opponent of Evil, Grandmaster Tamer No
WattaWalkka The Evil WattaWalkka, Grandmaster Biologist No
Wintre Darkheart Wintre Darkheart No
Zorrander The Great Zorrander First Wizard [MiD] No
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